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Every business can benefit from an automated IT approach. Unfortunately, many business owners don't have the opportunity to avail such services. They tread on the waters of competition, virtually hoping that they'd catch a break or a windfall of success. If you want your business to be successful, you need to get integrated IT management solutions right from the start. Collaborative Technology Services will provide you that.

Here we believe that every business is a puzzle that must be solved. We've calibrated our services to properly help business owners in attaining growth. Before assisting a business owner, we run a complex yet efficient process of attaining important details. From there, we're able to build special business models patterned after our enterprise solutions. We can help your business through the following ways: managed IT services, business process formation & re-engineering, accounting platform setup, hosting services, project management, and software integration. All of these services have been honed and improved ever since our founding. We're also specialized with various software platforms like Quickbooks, SAP Business One, and Qlikview BI Reporting.

Collaborative Technology Services

Since 1989

75% of technology projects are never fully deployed.

We have deployed 100% of our 126 projects. Talk to us about your business management and technology challenges.  
We have experts with more than 37 years of experience and can help you with all your technology needs.
CTS maintains strategic relationships with global Software Publishers and Hardware providers coupled with decades of deep business process knowledge plus industry specific expertise  allows us to pinpoint the answers that have the most impact for your business. 

A Little More About Us! 
Collaborative Technology Services is a nice fit for your startup capital. Unlike other IT firms, we've made our prices reasonable and competitive. During our free consultation process, we encourage you to reveal important details about your business. This way, we'll know which strategy frameworks/setups work best. We will consider your budget - all the while securing the efficiency of our services.  

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